Sunday, January 30, 2005

A Perfect Day?

What's a perfect day for a stamper/scrapbooker? Ahhhh, it's one in which you get to spend the whole day playing and creating AND you have the inspiration to do it.

Gail and I are working on our submissions for teaching at convention this year and we stamped all day long. Then after she left..... I worked on it some more..... If it weren't for the necessity of sleep, I believe I would have continued on straight through the night. Ideas were just swirling around in my head. Not only do I have several that I want/need to make to submit, but I have a growing list of things I can make for family and friends. They are just soooo cute. I'm planning to take photos and post them later today.

Winter as we know it appears to have come back to town. We had a little rain Friday and Saturday and the temperatures have dropped back down so we have a little crispness in the air at night and the early mornings. Right now it's 40 degrees outside and 59 degrees inside....brrrr....
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