Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Blog Wish List

Well I've been tinkering around with my blog. I'm trying to figure out how to personalize my sidebar. So far I figured out how to add a Currently Reading section and I linked the books to amazon.com. Anyone know a better way to do that?? I also added a couple of links to other blogs I read, but I can't figure out why there are extra lines down there. I have more links to add, but I want to figure that out first.

So here's my blog wish list...
1) I want a blog mentor! I'm the one that helps everyone else with their computer stuff... but I need a mentor to help me. LOL.
2) I would like to create a list of all the books I've read (well the ones I can remember) and have a link on my sidebar to the list. The real reason I want to figure out how to do this is because I want my whole book club to do it. We have one voracious reader who has read so many books that it's hard to pick a book she hasn't read. And well...it would be fun to keep track of the books I've read
3) Do I have to have webspace somewhere else to keep that list?
4) Buttons!! I want buttons. I need to figure out where to get my own server space so I can use buttons without stealing someone's bandwidth.
5) And last but not least... I noticed that another blog somehow categorized their entries. So you could click on finished projects and it pulled up all the entries with finished projects...

So that's my wish list/to do list... I'm off to search the help files to figure it out. But hey, if anyone actually reads this blog and has some helpful tips... I'm all ears!!

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