Thursday, February 10, 2005

Who opened MY box?

Thankfully the office supplies did finally show up yesterday.... but you are not going to believe the nerve of some people!

I was at lunch and horror of all horrors - someone had the audacity to open the box!!!!

Not only did they open the box, but they pilfered some of my prized posessions. The fact that it was one of the bosses did not stop me from exclaiming...

"Who opened my box? hmmmm and who took some of my retractable highlighters?"

My coworker who was in the bosses office immediately exclaimed "I think I just saw those in here somewhere."

Oh yes, he was busted, and with a witness too!

I had ordered him the yellow highlighters that he requested but upon perusing through the box he spied MY package of assorted colors and he actually thought he could help himself. tsk tsk tsk...

Ok, so I let him keep some of the highlighters. But he had to give up one of his to my coworker when she discovered what we were fighting over. I, however, have custody of the pink and green highlighters.

I'm thinking this "stealing" thing runs in the family. After all it was just a couple of days ago that his wife stopped by and very casually took a pen....a good gel the reception desk as she walked out the door. And all this time I thought it was the clients that were stealing my pens! That's ok. I refilled the little container on the desk with some cheapo pens.

It's a darn good thing they own part of this business or well....we might have to have a chat.

(We won't even talk about the glue sticks, pads of paper, post-its and ummm scissors, that disappear in the middle of the night)

Ok, wait - we will talk about the scissors. I can't resist.

When I first started working here my scissors kept disappearing. I went through about three or four pair in 6 months. Finally I bought a heavy metal pair with black metal handles. They are THE ugliest scissors ever made, but they are heavy and sturdy and cut paper wonderfully. Over the years the bosses have teased me about my ugly scissors over and over again. They keep telling me they are awful and I should buy a new pair. Each time I say "but look, they're still here when I need them. Nobody is willing to steal them." And so my scissors and I got along wonderfully for five long years when suddenly a few weeks ago they disappeared. I whined about it. I checked in all the usual spots. You know, the spots that I carry them off to and leave them. I pulled out the printer cart under the counter and still no scissors.

Finally I admitted that someone saw the value in my trusted scissors and they are gone. I ordered new UGLY black scissors. They aren't as good as my old ones. They are stiff. I'm hoping they will loosen up. I just can't bear the thought of having to buy pretty ones over and over again. I'm telling you - one of the households associated with this office, must have a whole stockpile of scissors previously owned by me. I think I may have to invite myself over and do some more detective work. Hmmmm........
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