Thursday, February 03, 2005

Barnes and Noble convert

That's right folks... I skipped over Amazon and went straight to Barnes and Noble. Will I ever go back?

There was a point when I thought book and internet = Amazon. Want a book, go to Amazon. Want a book review - Amazon. You get the picture. My little book club raves about Amazon. Each month the hostess would say how she ordered all her used books via Amazon and got such a great deal. Me? I would try. I would go and search and look through all the used books. One time I even attempted to purchase them but something on the website freaked out and my order wasn't placed.

So I've spent the mega bucks on my book selections. (In our little book club the hostess buys the books for the whole group. That way we aren't all driving around each month to buy the books. It's kinda fun. It's like getting a present every month.)

My last selection was The Five People You Meet in Heaven. Which of course is only available in hardback at like $15 per book. Before that? The Secret Life of Bees... not old enough to get copies at the used book stores.... again...mega bucks to buy them all.

So this time...this time I went to Barnes and Noble. My first crisis was to actually find a book that Jane hasn't read yet. I was browsing through the bargain books when I stumbled across The Rapture of Canaan. Ah, a good book. I've read that book. Has Jane? No.. woo hoo.. we're moving along now. A few phone calls later and a couple of mouse clicks and I have four copies of the book on it's way and how much did I spend??? $23 for four books and shipping.
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