Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Knitting woes and Office Product Addictions

Yesterday I couldn't knit anything if my life depended on it. I'm not sure if it was the hands malfunctioning....or the brain. I tried one swatch three times and three times I ended up a stitch short. I tried unknitting it and reknitting it and still I was off. (Kind of appropriate that yesterday's lesson was on fixing mistakes.) Time ran out and I had to set it aside. In class I began to knit another swatch featuring decreases of the PSSO and SSK variety. Suddenly I had 19 stitches and I was just sure I should have an even number. I inspected my swatch and decided to just carry on with the next row and get over it. When a fellow class member asked if we were supposed to end up with 19 stitches.... a light went off.... What the heck was I thinking. 19 was the magical number. And so one wonders.... that first swatch. Was it off, or was it the malfunctioning of the math portion of the brain????? Oh and should I even mention that I finally finished said swatch and bound it off...when I realized I was supposed to continue on with the next little lesson. I guess I'll be practicing that one again.

After class I went home and whipped out my swatches perfectly.

I have a sickness that I need to confess.... I get way to excited about office supplies. I placed a wonderful order yesterday and I am seriously pacing around the office waiting for it to be delivered. I ordered retractable highlighters and tombow adhesive and 1.0 mm pens and.... Oh man, where is that delivery driver? I'm not sure which thing has me more excited. The retractable highlighters of the "fatty" pens. I think it might be the pens.... I'm a pen-aholic.

So, just for fun... here are some "Pen" questions...feel free to answer in the comments or copy and paste to your own blog...

Fine or Medium?
Medium!!! I wish there were a "heavy."

Business - Blue
Personal - Purple
Black = ick, ick, ick

I like some gels... but I prefer good old fashioned ball point ink.

Fancy or Disposable?
Can I say both??? I have a wood pen that I simply love holding. Only it has a fine point refill in it. Such a tragedy...
But I'm a disposable girl.. for while I love pens dearly. I leave them everywhere!!! Plus disposable means I get to buy more.

The perfect pen...
Ok so the perfect pen writes smoothly, with nice fat lines and NO ink globs. I truly could be happy with a simple papermate blue ink, white barrel pen... if it wasn't for the annoying ink blobs.

And yes, I've wasted all this time and my supply order still isn't here.

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