Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Top Secret Project

And here's one of the "secret" projects I've been working on. Gail and I have been working on our submission to teach at our annual convention.. Our topic?? P*aper B*ag Books. (Sorry about the asterisks, I don't want the search engine to catch the title..) Posted by Hello

Yep, this cute card was made out of good old p*per b*gs!!! It's not a brand new idea, but it's not all that well known yet either and of course.... we had to put our own unique spin on the whole thing. Our samples are on their way to Utah as we speak. Each of us made 5 adorable samples with brads, and eyelets, and waxy flax, and ribbon, and spiral clips.... They are so much fun to make.

The only reason it's "secret" is that things in the stamping and scrapbooking world go a little crazy. Pretty soon everyone has done it and we want it to be new and exciting when we teach it at convention. A few people have posted similar artwork to the company bulletin board...but so far no one has taken it the direction that we did.....

Oh I can't wait to share the rest of the photos... it is KILLING me.

Check out my website if you want to see more stamping/scrapbooking stuff.... I'm loading new artwork daily.


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