Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Oh No, My list even freaked out the server

It's a sad sign when you attempt to post your "work in progress" Wednesday list and the server freaks out. Did it read my list? It was stuck in some kind of vicious loop posting the files. I let it sit for several minutes when I finally accepted it. It ate it. It couldn't handle my list so it ate it.

Now I get to type it over again. Why? Because I forgot my own rule of "copying" my post prior to publishing it.

(I'm still working out how to put the little buttons on my blog so I can "play." I activated my webspace through my internet provider, now I have to put my pictures there. I was spoiled by my old website through yahoo. Their sitebuilder software was so easy to use. I didn't have to learn.... sadly those days are over. I either have to buy some software or break down and learn something new.)

So here it is - My work in progress list.

Knitting -

Knitting class - It's only "in progress" because it was last night. I finished this weeks samples, but the teacher gave us "extra credit" samples to work on. One is a mock cable. I can't remember what the other one is. I'll whip them out tonight. She also gave me the finishing touches on the notions holder so I should be finishing that up this week as well ...and posting pictures....

Booga Bag - I started it yesterday. I finished the bottom, picked up the stitches and I'm happily knitting up the bag. It was a little tricky in that I couldn't quite figure out the picking up the stitches thing. The only way I could figure to do it was to literally pick up and knit each stitch one at a time. Hopefully I did it right. I can't wait to finish my first felted project!!

Hello Kitty Knitalong - Sadly...I'm having to postpone this one. I had to frog the bag because I made a mistake in row... I got interupted un-knitting it and messed it all up. Stitches fell of needles, holes appeared between color changes... Not a pretty sight! Good news is it was always my prototype and I haven't bought the official yarn. I learned what I need to work on and I'll pick it back up in a couple weeks. Perhaps I'll learn more tricks at class to make it easier for me.

Crochet -

Cardigan - eek I haven't worked on it for a couple of weeks. It's looking good though

63 Squares - two squares done... I've been knitting obsessed lately.

Stamp -

5 paperbag books for my submission are done. I want to make a few more and then send in the top I need to keep a few samples on hand for my workshops/classes.

I won't dare list my things "to do"...that could overwhelm a person!'s my second attempt to post this. Wish me and the server luck!

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