Friday, January 21, 2005

So glad it's Friday

It's been a long week. I had a hard time catching up after coming home from the Close To My Heart Leadership Conference. I'm all inspired to stamp, scrapbook, crochet, knit...but alas, I had to work all week. Now the fun begins!

I have a scrapbook class tonight and one tomorrow morning. (It's actually my usual 2nd Friday of the month group, but I had to reschedule because of the conference. Some can make it today and some can make it tomorrow.)

I finally made myself a little cell phone cozy (crochet). I started it with some leftover yarn yesterday and finished it up at lunch today. I'm hoping that it will make it easier to find my cell phone in my big giant bag.

This weekend I plan to....
stamp up some items using our vintage papers and sets and do my knitting "homework." I'm taking a knitting class at the adult school and I never finished last weeks homework because I was out of town. This week I had to miss this weeks class so I have double homework. I need to make an all purl swatch, a swatch with ribbing and stockinette and two different seed stitch swatchs. None of them will take very long, I just need to get busy and get it done.

Hopefully I'll post some photos this weekend.
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