Wednesday, October 24, 2007

All's Well

Just a quick post to say that we are safe and sound. Some maps show that we are in an evacuation zone, but we have not been asked to evacuate and we are still a few miles from the fire.

We are on the south end of the Witch Fire and so far our area has been spared the devastation that we endured in the Cedar Fires.

Today we are volunteering out at the Rodeo grounds and one of the other local evacuation centers for large animals.

The first couple of days we kind of hunkered down, made sure we were ready to go, were on standby with our emergency radio system (HAM radio emergency team) and were glued to the radio and tv to see where the fire was moving to.

We are having a hard time getting info about our end of the fire because it's a less populated area and isn't moving that quickly right now. Last night we drove down to see how far away it was and it's slowly moving closer, but we really think it's going to be fine unless the winds pick up again.

Today it is really smokey and we're starting to suffer from the air pollution. I'm sure part of it is because the fire is closer and part of it is because the winds are slowing down so it's not blowing the smoke away.

Right now I am feeling grateful...hubby was a week late getting home. If he had come home on time he wouldn't have been here with us.
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