Friday, October 05, 2007

Biggest Loser Friday Week 5

Woo Hoo.... I lost 5 for update number 5. While it was really fun to hear that number, I'm trying to prepare myself for disappointment next week. I knew I lost a few pounds, but I think 5 might be a little bit off...

1) I weighed in several hours earlier because I couldn't go to my normal meeting.
2) I think I weighed in on the magic scale that always seems to give me bonus losses.
3) I only weighed one pound more at ww and I tend to weigh 3 pounds more.

Anyone remember my goal? The one where I wanted to be down a total of 20 pounds by the time hubby got home? Well he'll be home next week and I am down 21.5 pounds!!

I'm hoping to keep the weight loss going so I don't show a gain next week and then I'll have to set a new goal. The goal will depend on how long hubby plans to be out. We have to decide if he's going to come home for Thanksgiving....or before.... I'm thinking it would be fun to have four days off and a hubby at home, so my vote is Thanksgiving.

This week I really concentrated on drinking my water. Post with super cool favorite water thermos coming soon. I also got more exercise by adding in the recumbent bike.

Here are the top six reasons why I still haven't posted any stamping/scrapbooking/crafting...

Monday - Family association meeting
Tuesday - road show practice
Wednesday - road show practice
Thursday - CTMH meeting
Friday - Dinner at church
Saturday - Volunteering at the school's booth at October fest

This week has been crazy, even by my standards. I worked on a little project during one of the road show practices and I have some fun ideas from the meeting last night... I have a stamping date with my buds on Saturday soooooo...... stay tuned.... it may happen yet!
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