Wednesday, October 10, 2007

True Confessions

Ok, I'm going to stop apologizing and I'm letting go of the guilt about "no craft" updates on my blog. I love blogging and my life is constantly changing and shifting right now so there is no time for crafting. Once we get done with the road shows and I put Josh on the plane to Europe, I think things will change. Until then I'm just going to post... about whatever comes to mind and sometimes that might be about crafts... I did make something really cute over the weekend. I just need to take a picture!

Ok, so I have a confession to make. I love Crocs. Yep, I should probably have to make that confession in a large crowded room as penance for all my evil croc thoughts over the last year or so.

I swore I would NEVER buy a pair.

I do not need to keep up with the Jones. I do not need to follow a ridiculous fad. They are ugly. And what is up with the croc jewelry? How dumb!!

Yep, I said all of that and more. Even when my customers professed their croc love and told me how comfortable they were, I was not impressed. Nope. I'm not spending $35 on ugly, plastic shoes.

ha ha ha!

I should've known better. I was the girl who loved jellies and had a million pairs. Why didn't I realize that I love plastic shoes?

My dear friend Gail made me buy a pair. I suppose she was just a little tired of hearing me complain about how much my feet hurt. I bought them one week ago tomorrow, at lunch. Since then I've ordered two more pair (cuter styles of course!) and I have been wearing them every single day. Gail now calls me happy feet.

There's an interesting thing that happens when you wear comfortable shoes and you no longer suffer from foot pain. You become less grumpy! Yep, I'm miss happy feet, miss energetic, miss croc lover, miss take your words back.... I have been healed and I love my crocs.
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