Friday, October 12, 2007

Haunted Hotel

What was I thinking?

I was the dedicated chaperone for tonight's festivities.... J and L wanted to go to the haunted hotel and since we needed to eat at some point, I put together a little picnic/preview of their upcoming Europe trip. I went to cost plus at lunch and found items from England, France and Italy. Since all of the foods were kind of small snack type items, we rounded it off with a little pizza.

Then we headed off to the haunted hotel.... downtown San Diego on a Friday night. Not one of the brightest moves we've ever made. It took 40 minutes to find a parking place. We ended up at Horton Plaza. Then we had to go in and get our ticket validated or it would be $2 for every 20 minutes. Ouch!

We walked a couple of blocks to 4th and Market and then we stood in line, and stood in line, and stood in line. It was the worst line I have EVER been in. It took us 3 hours! I was dying. My feet hurt so bad. Even my crocs couldn't help me.

On the drive home I literally had tears going down my face because my feet hurt so bad.

If my son ever doubts how much I love him, someone please remind him about tonight.
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