Monday, October 29, 2007

Back to the Daily Grind

Well things are slowly getting back to normal around here. The schools re-opened and the college re-opened and I'm back at work. So far it seems like everyone survived the fires and none of my immediate circle lost their homes. What a huge difference from last time. While I am extremely grateful, it is so hard knowing what all the other families are going through. This is just the beginning for them. They have a long hard road ahead of them.

I spent several hours yesterday catching up on homework that was due last week. They shut the campus down and we were all a little pre-occupied so it just got pushed aside. It actually felt good to sit down and do homework. I know, many of you just laughed at that. My son thinks it weird too, but I like doing my homework. Numbers make sense. They are logical. There is a right answer. I love working out the problems and getting the answer. I think it's a sickness.

I've always been a good student, but if you asked me what classes I enjoyed, it was never anything to do with math! In fact I have taken every single English class necessary for my degree and a few extra just for fun. This accounting class is the first "math" type class I have taken in my college career. I avoided it like the plague and yet I have done some kind of accounting at almost every job I've ever had. Now I am wondering what took me so long!! I can whip through these classes so much faster. I don't have to read a novel and interpret things and come up with opinions. All I have to do is learn formulas, learn how to analyze financial statements and write up journal entries. It's logical and predictable. That's a good thing when life is a little crazy.
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