Friday, November 02, 2007

Biggest Loser Update? sorry I missed my weigh-in. I had to teach a boyscout recharter meeting last night and I had to skip my meeting. I'm pretty sure I haven't lost or gained so there's not much to report anyway....except that suddenly my pants are falling off of me again. I bought new pants a few weeks ago and today they are feeling really loose. In fact my silly pedometer has fallen off, not once, but twice. Both times the battery popped out so it completely reset. Thankfully I had checked it recently and knew approximately how many steps it had on it.

I only have 7 more days of my 6 week walking challenge and I am REALLY close to finishing my virtual trail. ( - fun!) I think I'll have to pick a longer trail next time. I'm pretty sure I would've finished this trail early if it wasn't for the fires and the foot issues.

My little world traveler is in Rome today. I haven't heard from him so I'll just tell you what the itinerary says "Touch down in bella Roma, the Eternal City."

And.... dare I say it??? I'm feeling the papercrafting bug coming back!! It's amazing. Once life settles down, suddenly I can start thinking about crafting again. I can hardly wait to get started!
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