Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Catching Up

I wasn't quite as focused the last couple of weeks. Since Josh was gone and I didn't have to take him to seminary each morning, I tried switching up my routine and resting my foot. It didn't work out so well for me. I gained 2.8 pounds, found out that I really have to workout in the mornings and my foot still hurts.

Good news is that I used the time to get rested, went to the doctor about my foot, picked a new primary care (my doctor moved um like 4 or 5 years ago...ooops), got all my bloodwork done, was pleasantly surprised by my results and am ready to get back in gear.

I love my new doctor and he really didn't do that much. I think he could tell I was a bit hesitant about coming in. He gave me options, but let me make the decisions. Of course I knew he was a good pick as soon as he started asking me if I was "into" computers. He told me I could get my test results online and email him with any questions/concerns. That's definately my kind of doctor! Some of my tests came back just a few hours after I had blood drawn. It was actually kind of cool to see them so fast and then look up what the results meant.

Then today I logged on to America On the Move to start a new walking challenge....

See, I started a challenge a little over 6 weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. I faithfully logged my steps and even finished the virtual trail I chose a few days early, but then... no bells or whistles went off. No trombones played. There was no "congratulations you are amazing." It just switched me to a new trail and said keep walking. It was a bit anti-climactic.

Well, today I logged back in to start a new one because even though it was a little disappointing when I finished, it did keep me on track for six weeks. It accomplished what I wanted it to accomplish.

Well guess what?!? It turns out that after your six weeks have finished, you log your last steps, it asks you a few questions and THEN the bells and whistles go off. LOL It created a pdf certificate that showed how many steps I took, etc.

So here are my 6 week results from America On the Move (www.americaonthemove.org)

Starting Pace - 5240
Current Pace - 9731
Total Steps - 226,459
Total Miles - 113

113 Miles!!! Woo Hoo!!

I started a new challenge today and it ends on December 26th. How appropriate! I think it will really help me to stay focused through the holidays. Anyone want to join the fun? It really is pretty cool. Go to www.americaonthemove.org and sign up. It's free.

You pick the "virtual" trail of your choice and you can change your trail whenever you want. Each day after you log your steps (or minutes of activity..you can choose from a list of activities and it will convert it to steps) it will advance you along your virtual trail. Last time I finished up the UK trail. This time I'm doing the Iditarod trail.

Email me if you decide to join the fun. You can enter the email addresses and create "buddies" to encourage each other along.
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