Friday, November 02, 2007

I'm Spoiled and Ungrateful

Ooops, I feel so bad. Hubby got me the coolest anniversary present that I couldn't wait to share and I totally forgot!

Since I received it two weeks early, I was planning to post about it on THE big day, but then the fires came and I got sidetracked, so let's just take a step back in time.....

October 29th was our 19th anniversary! Wow!!

I didn't think we were really going to do much. We don't usually buy big gifts or anything. I was just excited to have him home. Apparently hubby came up with an idea that he was sooo excited about, he couldn't resist.

Nike Plus - I had vaguely heard about them, but never even considered that I could get one.

See this is the kind of Ipod I have (last years awesome Christmas present that I love, love, love)And you need an Ipod nano... Never fear, Josh, the ebay king is here. They bought me a nano and the Nike Plus. And the ebay store they used added all sorts of cool accessories to the deal.
I can charge my nano at home.
I can charge my nano in the car.
I can even charge it at work.
I think I'm in love!

I haven't been walking quite as much lately because of 1) the fires 2) my feet and 3) crazy hectic schedule. I'm planning to go to the gym and do the elliptical while Josh is in Europe, so I might have to wait until Nov. 13th to really start playing with my whole set-up, but in the meantime.... I can have fun adding stuff to my nano!

Thank you hubby! The best gifts are the ones that you didn't even know you needed!!

Oh and Happy Anniversary!

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