Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's Spring in Southern California!

The calendar might say that spring is a few more days away, but spring has sprung in San Diego and it is absolutely beautiful!!  While I'm not so happy that my early morning walks are in the dark again, grrr, I am quite happy that it's sunny and gorgeous after work and you know what that means......

It's Bike Riding time!! Woo Hoo!!  A few little medical issues, road construction and a change in schedules kind of put a crimp in my bike commute so I have been driving.  But now that the time has changed and I am healthy, we can plan little bike rides after work at Lake Murray and Mission Trails.  (Everyone is welcome.  Email me and I'll add you to the email list with the details.)

And you know what's even better?  I have successfully infected the whole family with the cycling bug!  Hubby used his safety bonus to buy this for his truck

And while there was a misshap that included a bloody nose, it sounds like mostly he's suffering from a sore rear end.  Hey, that means he's actually riding it!! 

And then Joshua and Breanna bought bikes... Yep, my house is beginning to look like a bike shop.  We don't really need furniture, do we?
And best of all....this is what I'm doing for my birthday!!!! Red Rock Scenic Byway Tour in Sedona, AZ  I am sooo excited.  Let's just hope it isn't too hot when we get there.

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