Tuesday, March 02, 2010

It's on the way and a new video!

There it is... my application to teach at Extravaganza at the Close To My Heart convention in Washington DC (July 2010). 

I've been lucky enough to be chosen to teach many times in the past, but every time I apply I get nervous and this year...is the worst!  They are only choosing 32 teachers and there are soooo many incredibly talented people who have applied.  I don't envy those who have to choose! 

And now here's my shoutout for FedEx Ground!!  I took this box to the post office and they were going to charge me $23 to mail it!!!!!  The issue was the size, not the weight.  Sorry, but I'd rather pay $23 for a service that tracks my package so I headed off to FedEx and my little ole package cost $8.64 to mail, will get there in two days AND gets tracked the whole way. 

I love the post office for mailing my cards, but I think I'll be sticking with FedEx for my packages.  Hmmm... I wonder how much it would cost to mail catalogs that way.  I may have to check on that!

Here's a sneak peek at one of the items in the box.  I was so stinkin proud of a little technique I made up while creating the layout, that I decided to make a video about it.  Please watch the video and rate it if you have a youtube account. (Thanks!)

Rubber Stamping Tips - Snow Topped Letters

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