Tuesday, June 05, 2007

I win the vending machine war!!!

Ok, so I have this issue with a particular vending machine on campus. I've visited it about three times since I started working here. One day it thought my quarters were nickels. It counted them as nickels as they went in and then to add insult to injury, it returned nickels when I hit coin return!

Then I tried to buy sunchips and they got stuck.

Actually I think I've tried to buy some sort of bagged chip items a couple of times. I think I was successful once.

Why am I walking down onto campus to visit said machine? Well because for some reason the soda machine in our office is always out of diet soda. It's been out for about a month. We kept thinking they'd refill it. Today the situation got serious. It's out of diet and caffeine free diet!!

So I walked down to campus. I had to walk over construction tape to get there. (They said I could. It was either that, or scale a hill in heels.) First I bought a snickers bar. Think what you will...but I'm not tempting fate with any sort of bagged item from the evil machine! Then I went to the soda machine and I pushed the button for diet. Clunk, clunk... one diet coke emerges....clunk, clunk... another diet coke. Cha ching!!!! I am victorious. I have won. I hit the vending machine jackpot. I laughed and jeered at the snack machine as I walked by...

Sadly, I had to clean a section of my desk to find someplace to take this photo.. it's like a bomb went off. Also pictured are these yummy mango flavored pineapple pieces. If I had remembered I had these, I wouldn't have bought that snickers! But really...mango flavored pineapple. Why not pineapple flavored pineapple? For $1 a box...these things are absolutely delicious!!!! Notice how the box is open for easy snacking access...
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