Sunday, June 03, 2007

Fried Pickles

I was just deleting some photos off of my card and I saw some stamp camp photos. I don't think I ever shared much about the adventure... I guess I was tired when I got home and I kept thinking I would go back and write about it...and happens..

This was THE best stamp camp ever!! It was so relaxing and fun. Part of it is because I really tapered down what I did (more freestyle and less planned projects) and part of it was the group of people. We had such a great group. Everyone was so fun. It just made the whole weekend a great experience.

Every year we go to lunch in Julian and every year I see the appetizer called "wagon wheels" on the menu. Wagon wheels are deep fried pickles. I have always wanted to try them, but I could never find another adventurous person to do it with me. Well this year we had a whole table of adventure and we ordered two plates of wagon wheels. Too fun!

Here's the evidence...

They were good and I'm glad I tried them. I'd probably have them again, but they weren't so good that I'll be craving them.

I put a vase of lilies in each room/cabin to welcome everyone to stamp camp and they finally started opening on the last day.

And here's the "corner of fun" where we put all the stamp sets, stamp pads and the ever popular cricut

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