Thursday, September 01, 2011

National Stamping Month 2011 - Tip #1

September is National Stamping Month and I'm planning to celebrate by sharing tips, techniques and ideas to help you make the most of your stamping time.

How many of you have had your husbands tell you that you have to have the right tools for the job?  I know this mentality has sure helped me in my house.  My husband fully supports all gadget and gizmo purchases and if they are on my wish list....I'm sure to find them on those special gift giving holidays.  Of course he has a shed full of drills and saws too. LOL

Today I'm going to focus on a few of the basic tools that I think should be in every good stamper's toolbox.

You definitely need a good paper trimmer and I've had great success with the Fiskars trimmers.  I have a big CARL trimmer to prep for workshops, but my everyday, cart around in my bag trimmer is an old fashioned fiskars.  I have 6 of them that I take with me to workshops and crops.  (I got this picture from my CTMH website and it's so stinkin cute.  I may need to upgrade one of my trimmers.)

Not all cutting can be done on a trimmer, you'll also need a pair of micro-tip scissors.  Don't buy inexpensive kids scissors.  You need a good sharp pair that will do intricate cuts! (Z534 $9.95)

 Piercing Tool Kit - Love, love, love this little kit!  It comes with a piercing tool, two sewing needles and a push pad.  This is perfect for making holes for brads and sewing.  I could right a whole post (hmmm...maybe I did?? Coming Soon!) about using the piercing tool to add some pizazz to your projects. (Z1114 $5.95)

 This is a bone folder and it makes all your folds crisp and clean!  Once you tried it out, you won't want to work on a project with out it. (Z1204 $4.95)

Next up is a rubber brayer!  My regular customers know the great value of this little tool and now I'm going to tell you.  Not only does it make incredible backgrounds (which I'm often too lazy to create - hey, I have awesome texture paper!) but I think it's real, everyday, gotta have it in my tool kit talent, is....helping to glue things down. 

You know the drill, you put some glue on your paper, you attach the paper to your project and you rub it down....well grab your brayer and roll it baby!  No smudges on photos, the pressure activates the tape runner and gives you a solid bond.  (Z616 $12.95)

Next up is our handy dandy Versamat.  The mats create a great work surface.  This side is the self-healing side, perfect for using a craft knife, but I use it to measure, measure, measure...  Just cut a bunch of pieces for your card or layout from a sketch and don't remember which is which?  Lay it on the grid and measure it.  Need 9 inches of ribbon...lay it across the grid and snip it. 

But wait, that's not all!  Flip this baby over and it has a "cushy" side which makes it a perfect cushion for stamping.  (Z1279 $14.50)


Got tools?  Now you need something to put them in.  My customers laugh at me because I can fit a whole lot in one of these little babies.  I have several that we'll be chatting about later in the month.  But for now, you need one for your tools. ;-) (Z4200 Accessories Case $12.95)

If your toolbox is missing any of these items pop on over to my website to pick them up or add it to your order for our next crop, workshop or gathering.

I hope you'll check back often this month because I'll be sharing the following tips and much, much more....
  • Stamping Tips and Techniques
  • Adhesive
  • Card and Scrapbook Sketches
  • Mission - Organization
  • Unlock your creative side
  • and even more tool time (Besides the "necessary" tools there are a whole lot of "gotta haves!"

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