Wednesday, September 14, 2011

National Stamping Month 2011 - Tip #3

Let's talk about adhesives... There are tons of adhesives on the market and my choice of adhesive changes, depending on the project I'm working on.  This is not a complete list of adhesives!!!! This is just what the normal stuff I use over and over again.  I'll chat about some of the specialty stuff as I use it on projects.  For everyday scrapbooking and cardmaking, you should be all set if you pop this in your tool bag....

Avery or Elmers Glue Sticks (not pictured)
Yep, I'm a glue stick girl.  I love them.  If you want glue stick success you need to
Be patient - roll it with a brayer and hold that puppy down for a minute, especially if you're working on a dimensional item AND be generous with your glue sticks!  Cover that paper!!

Bonding Memories Glue
This comes in two sizes.  The wide tip is pictured below. Beyond being a wonderful adhesive, I love that this glue becomes repositionable!  I use it for masks all the time.  Put a little glue on and wait for it to turn from blue to clear.  Once it's clear it's a repositionable adhesive!  Which means, I use this wide tip one to refresh my cricut mattes!  I use the narrow tip version for small items like letters and cricut cuts and I use it with glitter.
Glue Dots
Every tool kit needs these!!  You can adhere ribbon and flowers and buttons and all sorts of fun accessories.

Tape Runner
I haven't ventured into the ATG gun world....yet...I keep thinking about it.... I love that these little tape runners are small and fit in my bag.  I kind of interchange the use of tape runner and glue sticks depending on my mood.  Tape runner is quick and less messy.
Other Adhesives I use
  • Modge Podge
  • Hot Glue
  • Xyron
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