Tuesday, September 06, 2011

National Stamping Month 2011 - Tip #2

Getting Organized.... It seems like I'm much more productive when I actually know where my supplies are... so here are a few of the organizing tips that work for me...

I file by Color - Below is a picture of how the stamps are packaged. 

As you can see they are already "color coded."  I can tell by looking at this picture, that the "pink" set is a sentiment set and the "blue" set is a "frame, tags and borders" set.  Instead of reinventing the wheel, I just go with what CTMH provides.  My customers at my crop will often say "Where can I find Easter stamps?" and I say "Check yellow."  It takes a little time to memorize the "code," but once you get it....you'll always know where to look!

While CTMH sells an awesome stamp holder that I use when I'm on the go.... I have way too many stamps at home for that system to work for me.  My stamp organization has evolved over time.  Here's the latest version from Ikea!!  Love, love, love these!!  They hold a ton of stamps, look cute AND match my room!

I turned one of the small ones sideways so you can see the stamps inside.  The package from Ikea comes with two small containers and one large.

Stamp Pads and Markers

I use the Exclusive Inks Organizer to hold all my stamp pads and markers.  It's on a lazy susan base so you can spin it around to see the different colors.  I haul this organizer all over the place!!  I move it around my table as necessary and I slip it inside it's case to take it to all my crops. If I had to pick just ONE organizational item from CTMH that I absolutely could not live without....this would be it.  Love it!

How do you organize your stamps, stamp pads and markers?

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