Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Hamster Babies

Hamster Babies. Here's mama chasing down the babies. Posted by Picasa

Taking pictures of the babies has proven a bit difficult. Roxie (mama) has been quite good at keeping them in her little nest and packing bedding up the sides of the cage so you can't see them. But I think that time is over. Those babies are moving and escaping. We laugh so hard when we go over to check out the cage. Roxie learned pretty quickly that we will usually give her treats when we come over to check on them, so she runs over to the edge of the cage and sticks her litttle nose between the bars, meanwhile the babies begin escaping from the nest. If we keep her busy long enough there are usually four little babies running around. Once she stows away the treats we've given her she begins the task of rounding up all the little critters. It is hilarious. She gets one, takes it back to the nest, goes to get the next one, meanwhile the first one is back out again. I'm always amazed when she actually corrals them all back.... but I think she's beginning to give up a bit. At one point yesterday all the babies were running around the cage and she just sat there looking around. Sorry Roxie! I think your little ones are growing up.
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