Friday, June 02, 2006

No Pictures

One of the reasons I moved my blog here was because of how easy it is to add pictures. I love putting pictures in my posts. It must be that scrapbooker in me that thinks the story isn't complete without pictures.

So, why no pictures? I gave my tiny not so cool camera to hubby. He has to pack light and doesn't have a way to charge up his super cool camera. Well the camera has been packed up in his bags for over a month and since he's leaving again tonight, it's going to make the journey with him. That means I have to stand in line to use the other camera and I have to remember to take it with me. I can't just whip it out of my purse when I get the whim to take photos for the blog.

I warned hubby that I was going shopping once he was officially hired... my shopping list is getting longer and longer.....

All that to explain why I don't have a picture of Josh's birthday surprise.....

Josh is turning 16 and we are a little behind on the whole driving thing. Our rule was that he had to get his Eagle before he could drive. Well, now that hubby might be gone for long periods of time, I'm thinking it might benefit me if Josh can drive. So we started doing all of the research. Well, it takes so long to get the license, that Josh should have his Eagle about the same time. I get what I want and don't have to take back my "rule." Works for me.

Ok, so I got the info on a driving school from one of the kids at school and quickly figured out we had to get this done now, if he was going to get started before he leaves to work at camp for the summer. We were already planning to celebrate before hubby left so what's a couple of extra days????

I made a huge sign that said "watch out world, Josh is turning 16 and taking driving lessons! Happy Birthday Joshua" Then I printed out a bunch of different types of cars on 8.5 x 11 cardstock. I made fancy smancy sticks to hold them into the ground out of paper clips and prepared for the surprise.

Hubby talked Josh into going with him to get Chinese food and I ran out and decorated the front yard while they were gone.

When they returned they found the yard filled with cute signs.

There was a sign with a car crashing into a tree that said "This is not allowed."
The race car - "in your dreams"
On the car that had luggage on the roof, I wrote "Road Trip!"

It turned out pretty cute. I didn't get to see the look of surprise on his face, but he was still beaming when he got out of the car. He was definately surprised. He figured we'd pay for the drivers ed, but didn't know we planned to get the behind the wheel too.

It was a fun time.... and there are no pictures to document it. The dew ruined the signs and we had to throw them out the next day.

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