Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Mom, Can You Come Pick Me Up?

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Since life isn't interesting enough around here, Josh decided to add a bit of drama to it.

We had to fedex Josh's driver's license application back and forth because both parents have to sign and they won't accept the power of attorney. The application finally finished it's journey and I got it at work on Monday. So Josh rode his bike down here then left for the dmv. Five minutes later I get a phone call:

Josh - Mom can you come pick me up? Some lady just ran over me with her car while talking on a cell phone, but she gave me $60 to fix my bike.

Me - Josh!

Josh - I'm ok. My wheel is just bent.

Me - Josh! (Apparently that's the only word that would come out of my mouth because there were just so many running in my head and I couldn't decide which one was more important.)

Me - You should've called me right away. She just gave you money and left? Are you ok? What if you're not ok. I'm on my way. Where are you?

Once I got him and made sure he was ok, then I started lecturing.

"what were you doing on the sidewalk? How many times have I told you not to ride on the sidewalk. It's dangerous. I don't care that she was talking on the cell phone....that's why you need to be safe and follow the rules. How am I supposed to take you to the dmv to get your driving permit when you aren't following the bicycle rules."

By this point I've started to calm down and I then said. "We don't sit around making up rules because we think it's fun. Dad's been hit by a car, your uncles have been hit by cars. We know what you need to do to be safe because of the experiences we've had. We don't want you to learn those same things by getting hit by a car...."

I think he could tell by my tone that cool, I can't believe you did another stupid teenage thing, mom was back and just glad he was safe because then we started joking around.

Thankfully our favorite bike shop was right down the street and in less than a half hour he had a new tire and I had dropped him off at the dmv.

Luckily for me and my heart, his driving lesson isn't until Saturday. I have time to get over the whole "Mom, I got run over by a car" thing. Maybe, just maybe he learned something. Oh, I hope so....
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