Monday, June 19, 2006

Moving On

I think I'm over my major melt-down from Friday. I was a total basket case. I cried all day and all night and I can't even blame it on pms. It all seems so silly now. Nothing has really changed. Nothing has gotten better. I've just plugged away on my "to do" list. I can't really say that I'm making progress, but I think I'm finally keeping up with it. I'm accomplishing as many tasks as get added each day with hopes of gaining on it soon.

I got Josh all packed and on his way and I'm now living on my own for the very first time - ever. I'll get weekly visits from the son and I suppose hubby will return someday. Until then. It's me. I only have to pick up after myself. I only have my laundry and my dishes and my messes. I have to admit, that part of this adventure is a little exciting.

Gail and I plugged along on our artwork yesterday. We each have one more board to do and a few little clean-up things on the other boards. We just might make it.

It's so frustrating to be creating so much art and doing so much stamping and scrapbooking and not have a single thing to post to show for it. Hopefully the splurge of posts after convention will make up for it.
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