Thursday, June 22, 2006

If I could only remember...

I've always prided myself on remembering things. I don't usually have to write them down. I don't have to keep a calendar, because I remember. I have a huge brain that keeps things in order and I just get them done...

I do like to make lists. I like to make lists of lists. But really, the lists aren't necessary. It's just something I like to do. I do not need to carry them around with me and obsessively cross things off because I have a super, terriffic, awesome memory.


I forgot to mail the mail in my car.
I forgot to call the driving school (for three days in a row!)
I forgot to take the orders with me to the party last night. (A mistake that made me look like a complete dork and made me 1/2 hour late for the party. Can you say "professional?"

This is just a small sampling of the things I have been forgetting. I'd tell you the rest but I forgot what they were. All I remember is the pain and frustration of forgetting.

I think it's all a symptom of the chaos I am currently calling "life." Not to worry though... I'm making some headway on that list of mine and I see light at the end of the tunnel. When I return from Utah I will be back on track and ready to find some organization, some structure...

Oh wait. I just remembered what started this tangent. I keep forgetting to look for the "piece of paper by the desk" that has hubbies blog name and password so that I can start updating his blog for him.

So once again, I will use my blog to document his adventures. Maybe someday I'll remember to copy it from here and put it there.. after I remember to find out what the name of his blog is....

Ok so he left Arkansas on June 8th. Then he went to Los Angeles. For whatever reason, I am more fascinated with what he is hauling, than where he is going. I never used to give it much thought, but what is in all those trucks we see on the freeway? So as long as I'm giving the updates, and unless and until I find out that I'm not supposed to share that kind of info.... we'll all get to share in my obsession that we'll call "what's in the truck?" Ooops. I've probably just said it wrong. Kind of like calling a boat a ship and a ship a boat.... I think it's more accurate for me to say "what's in the trailer." Doesn't have the same ring.

So he hauled paint and painting goods to Los Angeles (hazmat load. Apparently hauling a bunch of paint is a hazard. I guess it is. I don't think it would be a pretty mess if it spilled all over the freeway.) Los Angeles to somewhere in Texas was..... little packets of condiments for McD's. Can you just imagine a bunch of ketchup and bbq sauce... an entire truck load?

Texas to Pensylvania was Milk. Little wee cartons of milk. The kind you used to get at school.

I haven't talked to him yet so I have no idea what he's hauling now and where he's going. For that matter, I'm sure he's not in PA anymore so I really have no idea where he is. Sadly, I'm more concerned that I don't know what treasures he has in the trailer.
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