Tuesday, June 13, 2006

He got the job....

Oh my gosh. I better update before anything else happens and I have to write an entire novel just to keep up.

Hubby got the job!! Woo Hoo!! He's working for Southern Refrigerated Trucking (SRT) and he's currently in Arkansas. So far he is really impressed with company. It has been a much different experience that the "other" company. I guess we had to go through all that grief just so he could appreciate how great SRT has been.

He's still hanging out at the terminal for now, waiting for his trainer, but hopefully he'll be hitting the road tomorrow and someday we might get to see him again. Dang, I miss my slave boy. I've had to put gas in my car, take out the trash, pay the bills..... sheesh.....

I love hearing all his stories about the people he has met. Here are a few things I remember

1) He has a new appreciation for California and our no-smoking laws. People light up in the middle of the restaurant. Today he was doing his laundry and had to go outside because three people just lit up their cigarettes, right inside. He has started using his meal tickets to get his meals to go.... just so he can eat it somewhere where there is no smoke.

2) Best line that he shared from his orientation classes.... Apparently some guy just kept asking stupid questions about an accident that the orientation person told them about. The teacher answered some of them, but most of them he didn't know the answer to because they were random ridiculous questions like.... what was the rate of the wind or which way was he traveling or other stupid things... Finally one of the other guys asked. "Was it on blacktop or asphalt?" Too funny!!! I have been in so many classes like that and just wished I could say something.

3) Apparently it doesn't take long to pick up a southern accent. Hubby said he was "fixin to go get something to eat." Fixin? Oh yea, I have him grief about it.

4) He went for a walk last night because the weather was nice. On his way back he got pelted by hail and fierce winds. It rains a lot and they have lots of mosquitos. Arkansas is definately not on the list of places he'd like to move to... but the people are really nice.

5) He's in Baptist country. He drove the van out to help a driver retrieve an abandoned truck and he said he passed a ton of churches....including two baptist churches, right next door to each other.

6) I'm thinking Sprint is probably very bummed that we have the family plans on our phones and I'm loving the 99 cent store calling cards for when I get sick of the cruddy signal he gets in that teeny town.

Oh and I did warn him I'd go shopping once he got a job.....

My stamp room is torn apart because I'm putting in my new wall unit and the living room couches have been replaced by a .....dang...I forgot the name of it..... one of those multi-piece couches with recliner chairs.....

No need to panic though... I've been a bargain shopper and they are all hand me downs in great condition. I'm remodeling on a budget. If I sell the stuff I have on craigs list, I'll come out even on the couch!!
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