Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

I almost didn't write an earth day post because stamping and scrapbooking aren't the most environmentally friendly hobbies. I definately encourage buying and consuming and I'm a big time enabler but I do have a good side; a more environmentally conscious side... honest!

So here are my earth day tips and accomplishments:

1) I commute by Bike!! It's kind of fun to know that this year, when Bike to Work day rolls along... I'll be rolling home on my bike! I love it.....even when it proves to be ummm adventurous.

Yesterday was one of those days! My back tire literally blew out!! Yep, sounded like a gun shot or a backfire. I had all my tools and quickly attempted to change my flat, when I noticed that I truly BLEW out the tire. Instead I ended up thanking about 4 different drivers who stopped to offer aid, waited for Josh to show up and headed to the bike shop to get a new tire.

And... I put the new tire and tube on all by myself...twice...because I forgot to make sure I had the tread going the right way the first time. duh!

2) I don't use my dryer anymore!!!!!!! Ok, so maybe this is because the silly thing broke, but it has become a choice. I thought about repairing it and I looked into buying a new one, but by the time we did all that, Josh and I had pretty much gotten used to doing without. It's really not that bad.

I have a towel rod installed above the washer/dryer and I just hang up the clothes. I bought a small rack that fits in the tub so I can hang socks, etc and now that it's getting hot here, things dry pretty fast.

I still like to dry the towels though. I either hang them until they are partially dry and finish them up on the dryer cycle that still works, or we run them to the laundromat.

It makes me feel good to know that I'm saving a little bit...especially when I noticed that my utility bill went down! (I am saving up for a new dryer, but maybe I won't buy one after all. We shall see.)

3.) I've been unplugging everything! I looked around and I unplugged everything that I only use occasionally. Then I plug them in when I want to use them.

And then there's the regular stuff that I've always done...recycle...reuse....repurpose..... I still have lots of room to improve, but I try.

What "green" things have you been working on?
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