Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What is your Top Ten?

(Excerpt from a Scrapbooking class I taught for Staff Development on Monday)

Creating a top ten list is a great way to jump start your scrapbooking. Whether you're brand new or a seasoned scrapbooker, we often find that we just aren't inspired or aren't sure where to start. Try this technique next time you're stumped and see what you come up with.

Challenge: Take a few minutes and create as many top ten lists as you can. You can use a few I suggest below, or create your own topics. Tomorrow I'll share how you can use those top ten lists to add interest to your journal or blog, create fun scrapbook pages and quick theme scrapbooks.

Top Ten:

1. Places you've visited

2. Favorite Foods/Restaurants

3. Goals

4. Things you love about _____ (husband, wife, child, work, place you live)

5. Bike Rides (I had to work cycling in somewhere!)

6. Things you remember about (a relative, growing up, a house, a town, a trip)

7. Moments that shaped your life

8. Memories from high school (college, elementary school)

9. Favorite TV shows/movies/books

10. Favorite websites/blogs
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