Tuesday, April 14, 2009

New Clips, New Pedals, Oh my!

I did it. I made the switch to clipless pedals. I was a little worried about this transition so I spent a lot of time researching and planning my switch. I think the few days that I attempted to use the toe clips that came with my bike, made me extra cautious.

I chose to go with mountain bike (mtb) shoes because they work with the spin bikes at the gym and the cleat is more recessed in the shoe so you can walk around in them better and ... I fell in love with these sandals by Keen....

Once I decided on what shoes, it was time to find pedals. As soon as I heard that you could have a pedal that was a platform on one side and you could clip in on the other side...I was sold! I ended up with the Forte Campus pedal. The best part is that I bought them when they were on sale, used my membership points, and I only had to pay $8 for the pedals.

I had a mini freak out when I tried to understand all of the mechanical aspects of putting on the pedals, attaching the cleat to the shoes, adjusting the tension on the pedals.... How do you know what to do? I ended up bugging one of the other cyclists at work and he gave me a few tips.

Then it was time to try riding with them... Last Thursday Jane and I hung out at the back of the group and she helped me get started.

First - she suggested I attach the weakest leg first because I will make it stronger. Love that idea!

Then I got clipped in and was ready to go. Oh wait.... she made me stop and take them off... and then go... and then stop.... She was quite the taskmaster! (Just kidding! It really helped!)

Once I was able to clip in and out easily, she had me try pulling up when I was going up hill. Partly to get used to using my leg muscles differently and partly to make sure my shoes were going to stay attached under strain. They did and I loved them!!

Yesterday was the first day I rode home using them and I had absolutely no problems. I could definately tell a difference in my speed and strength. I am hooked....literally...hahaha!
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