Thursday, April 09, 2009

Take your Top Ten to the next level

Yesterday I challenged you to create some of your own Top Ten lists. Today I am going to give you some ideas on how to use those top ten lists as a springboard for your journal, new scrapbook pages or even entire scrapbooks.

Today's Challenge:
Read the entry below and then use your top ten lists to create a new blog entry, scrapbook page, themed scrapbook, or piece of art (Jaime!). Leave me a comment with a link to your creation. Next week I'll post one of my creations and highlight my favorites from the comments.

Use Top Ten lists to "catch up" on years of photos:
Whenever I start to talk about scrapbooking with people, I can almost guarantee that I will hear the statement. "I am so far behind. I have 20+ years of photos." Who wouldn't be overwhelmed when faced with that many photos? How do you put them all in order. What if you start scrapbooking some and then find more that should have gone with them? Top Ten lists to the rescue!

Let's pretend that we made a list of our Top Ten favorite Christmas memories/traditions. Instead of scrapbooking every Christmas we've ever experienced, we can look for a few photos that highlight some of the more meaningful memories. Don't have a photo to represent one of your memories? Journal about it or google it and look for a photo online.

What do you think you will enjoy more? 20 pages of Christmas' past, or one two page spread that highlights the best of the best? What would your family enjoy more?

Create a special gift or album
One of the best gifts I ever made was a little mini album/card that I made for my Dad. I wrote...

"I remember when...."

And I filled it with little things that meant a lot to me when I was growing up. I wrote about the year that he helped me create my Dawn Dishwashing Liquid costume for halloween. He drove me from store to store to find the right material and then he went above and beyond to create the perfect spout/hat to go with it.

He gave me my first grown up album (not Disney music, etc.) - Men At Work. I had no idea who they were and had never heard their music. It was the absolute best album to give me. I loved it and still do!

Your turn. Use your top ten lists to create a special album or gift for someone you love. It's also a great way to document your ancestors in your family heritage album. Instead of a picture that says "Grandpa Joe," you can create a page that includes some of the fun things you remember about him.
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