Thursday, May 03, 2007

Beware of the Mom Patrol

So three years ago when Joshua started attending seminary, I decided that I would put that time to good use. Since I had to be there anyway, I was going to walk while he was in class. At first I walked alone, and many times I still do, but I do have one faithful walking partner who joins me when she can.

We have spent many mornings discussing church and kids and weddings and husbands and proms, as we walk around the parking lot. It's been kind of fun to see the changes in the seasons and the plants, to watch and be watched by the llama across the street, and to see which kids arrive on time and which ones show up a half-hour late. We keep an eye on the things that go on in the parking lot and have come to feel a bit protective of our building and our church.

So you can imagine we were a bit surprised when there were about 35 unmarked police cars there when we arrived. Hmmm... cars, but no people. Where could they have gone? Why are their cars here? We pondered and discussed it as we walked and then we saw people. Since we had figured the cars were police cars, we were fairly sure the people we saw, were in fact police, although they definately didn't look like police. My guess is that they were the undercover portion of the detail. They looked pretty darn scary to me!

So what do two moms walking around a parking lot full of unmarked police cars do when they see people milling about. We ask them what they are doing in our parking lot. Hahaha... I really did ask it that bluntly. At first he wasn't real willing to respond. He said "these are all police vehicles." I think I said something like "we figured out that part, but we're wondering why they are here." He kind of looked at me for a moment and then told us they were serving a warrant in the area and they would be moving the cars soon.

So then one has to wonder... What kind of warrant are they serving where they need 35 cars full of people. Not only did they have those cars, but they used cars/vans/trucks/swat vehicles to take the officers to the scene. We still haven't heard exactly what was going on. There hasn't been any info on the news. I'm sure I should have been worried or scared about the type of action that was going on. But instead we were the "mom patrol." We were all possesive of our parking lot. Don't mess with the mommies. hahaha...

(The scary dudes left right after we talked to them, then two official looking people came back and drove up to us and volunteered information (very nice and not scary) and then the vans full of officers started coming back to claim their cars as we were leaving. It sure made for an interesting morning!)
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