Monday, May 14, 2007

What a great Mother's Day!

Today was simply a great day. Hubby is out of town, so we didn't really do anything, besides go to church. (The boys sang! It was great.) In fact I gave Josh a hard time because he ditched me to go help finish up the yearbook for his school, but it still felt like a great day... probably because we started out laughing.

Yesterday we went to walmart really early in the morning and you could see them prepping for the mad rush and I said...

"Wow, I'm glad we came early. This place is going to be a madhouse soon."

Josh: "Why"

"Last minute mother's day shopping."

Josh: "Can I have $20"

I ended up buying myself a cute skirt and I said "Here, this can be from you."

So he took the skirt when we got home. He also stole my package that came that day. The one with a book that I bought for myself with my birthday gift card. Sure enough he put them in a gift bag and gave them to me with a card this morning. I couldn't help but laugh.

I can't wait until his birthday. I'm going to go steal something from his room and wrap it up for him...I'm thinking dirty laundry.

I spent the rest of the afternoon stamping up gifts and goodies for stamp camp. I can't post pictures until next Monday...but they are sooo cute!! And yes, I'm still using the Let's Get Together paper. It's an obsession, I tell ya!

But I did take other pictures that I can share....

Here's a cute layout I made....using... what...oh yes... Let's Get Together. I love this layout because my pictures really weren't very good. They were dark and they just weren't good shots... but I just love them. My niece cracks me up. She's always been a bit quirky and these photos totally catch it. She stuck stickers all over her body including her hair! Then she kept putting gummies between her toes and then she'd use her foot to feed herself. One day, these are going to be blackmail pictures... Of course, I think the apple must not fall far from the tree. I have a picture or two from the family reunion and her mom, Jessica, is playing with cousins and she has, you guessed it, stickers all over her face.

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