Tuesday, May 15, 2007

True Confession - Guilty Pleasure

Ok, so I thought long and hard about whether or not to share this. I mean I already "outted" myself and shared my blog. Do I really dare to share the weirdness that is me? I'm sure Josh and hubby just scoffed as they read that. They're probably thinking "as if you could hide it from anyone."

So I have this guilty pleasure... I actually like am/pm cheeseburgers. I know, I know. They're probably horribly bad for you. They remind me of the burgers they used to sell in junior high. The ones that everyone used to say "they aren't even meat...I think they're made of soy." Hey, today that would be gourmet! Schools could say "we serve soy burgers."

Not only do I like them... but the whole dang family does. Rick's mom calls them "armpit burgers" and we still like them. It's actually kind of scary. Here's a typical conversation in our car...

"hmmmm.. I think I want an am/pm cheeseburger"

"sounds good! Me too!"

But here is the problem. Just because you want one, doesn't mean you'll actually get one. You must have incredible timing and you need to know which one to go to...because I'm telling you...more often than not, you will just be left with the dream in your head of a a delicious bite of am/pm cheeseburger. I can't tell you how many times we have gone in happy, until we see the empty display case.

But I have found am/pm heaven!!! I stopped for a soda yesterday and I saw a fully stocked am/pm!! I looked around. It was clean, it was busy, I'm thinking they might always be fully stocked... And so today I tested my theory. Hallelujah. Cheeseburger heaven!!

And what's better than an am/pm cheeseburger? Hmmm a homemade combo! You need a burger and a 32 oz diet pepsi with CRUSHED ICE. Oh yea baby! We're high class.

(now if that doesn't get you people to leave me comments! I give up!!)
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