Sunday, May 06, 2007

National Scrapbook Day

I never plan any workshops on National Scrapbook Day. No need to compete with all the other events planned for the day. I had contemplated participating in some online fun, but it looked like hubby would be home on the big day, so I didn't really plan anything.

Well hubby came home exhausted on Friday, but neglected to turn off his alarm on his pda, which means it went off at 5:30am. Lucky him, he can go right back to sleep. Me? I started thinking about scrapbooking. I tried to go back to sleep for a while, but then I thought....National Scrapbook Day...QVC.... I can play in my stamp room and get all the things I want to do, done before he even wakes up....

And so I present a few of the things I did on National Scrapbook Day. I thought about blogging as I went, but that would take precious moments away from my task and could possibly divert me from my purpose.

Task #1 - Round up all the homeless scrapbook layouts. I make layouts every month. Sometimes I display them on my wall in my stamp room. Sometimes I put them on display boards for my crop. Rarely do I actuallly put them in my albums. Here's my stack of layouts. I found quite a few more after this picture, but I was on a roll and couldn't take time out to take progress pictures.

Task #2 - Sort layouts and put in albums. One album has our family stuff and one is for scouting layouts. After I was done I discovered that some of the family layouts should have gone in a different scrapbook, but at least they are no longer sitting in stacks in the stamp room. Voila - here are the albums with layouts in them.

And here are the organized layouts that are ready for pictures. (Hey, I'm a mom of a boy and we sell a whole lot of wonderful stamps and papers that have nothing to do with boys. I've made some great I just need to adopt some girls..haha... actually there are quite a few I can use for church and my own personal layouts...I think that might be an upcoming task)

When hubby woke up, I wasn't quite ready to stop. I mean I was on a roll people! So I came up with a great plan. Hubby and son could go shopping to get the things hubby needed for the truck and I could stay home and continue my task. And since they were going shopping anyway, they could pick up a couple of shelves for me.

Here is my stamp shelf in process. We had already moved a couple of the shelves to see how many more we could fit, measure and all that jazz. The shelves were awkwardly spaced. There was too much dead space and I was out of room for my stamp containers. Please note, the issue is never TOO MANY STAMPS.

Here it is after we added two shelves and I started adding my cute labels. I'm not quite finished, but I think I have room for more stamps now....

And this one could possibly belong in two categories. It's either going to be filed in "buyer beware" or "look how cute it turned out."

Buyer Beware
I have been looking for a cute little tableware holder for my crops. Then hubby said, I need something to hold my plastic silverware in the truck. So we were on a mission. We looked and looked and looked last time he was home, but we were unsuccessful. Then I went to Target and hit the tableware holder lottery! There were so many to choose from. All of them were a bit more classy than what hubby needed. So I bought one for me.

Then I found the cool wire one below at Big Lots for $5!! Such a deal. I told hubby he could choose which one he wanted for his truck. The other one was much smaller, but this one has a little tray for plates.

He looked at it for about 2 seconds and said, "the silverware will fall through the grid." Duh!! No wonder it was $5. He took the other one...of course... and now I'm working on altering this one to work. Here is my first attempt. Tomorrow I'll post a photo that shows why this didn't work out so well.

I am not giving up. I have plans. This will look so cute when I'm done. And it might even hold the silverware.
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