Thursday, May 24, 2007

"Cosmetic" Fun

Today, on Stacy Julian's blog she asked a fun question. She asked people to guess what "cosmetic" thing she had done today for the first time.

I'm a pretty "low-maintenance" kind of girl. I wear make-up and I blow-dry and curl my hair everyday. I wear earrings on most days and I almost always have my toenails painted... but beyond that... I'm pretty low-maintenance. I don't color my hair. I rarely get manicures or fake nails. I don't fake bake. I don't spray tan.

So what do you think is the most interesting and fairly unusual "cosmetic" thing I've ever done. There are actually two possbile answers. I'm fairly sure that I either won't get any comments or you won't guess it... but if you do, I have a brand new Close To My Heart solo stamp set for you. (I have a few letters you can choose from.)

So guess away.... guess them both and you'll get two stamp sets....

I have mentioned this to a few people before so it's quite possible to know the answer.
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